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After securing your harvests, we will sort, label, and prepare materials for extraction.


Our dryers create and maintain appropriate amounts of moisture for long term storage of biomass.


Dry biomass will go through solvent-based extractions and then processed into concentrates.


A Few Words About NMHS

New Mexico Hemp Services, founded in 2019, is committed to producing the world’s purest and most potent cannabis products. Our advanced processing and extracting procedures allow us to yield the highest quality concentrates, while our extensive research on cannabinoids teaches us the remarkable attributes hemp has to offer.

Although we are a relatively new company, we’re ready to transform the industry with our services that go above and beyond to satisfy our customers.

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Certified Experts

Our professionals possess a wide range of licenses, certifications, education, and experience that give them the capability to provide our clients with the highest grade concentrates.

Proper care Taken

All hemp materials receive quality attention and proper care throughout each exchange in our production process.

Affordable Pricing

Not only does NMHS save you time, but we save you money as well! Avoid overpriced products and services!

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